IP Telephony. VoiP.

Popular option for modern businesses, offers a wide ranges  advantages, superb voice quality, better customer service experience...

What you can do with IP Pbx

New way of business communication.

Desk-to-desk dialing, transferring 

Call within office or Interconnection of various branches office to provides desk-to-desk  communication and seamless call transfer between locations. 

From anywhere

Access from Smartphone, Laptop remotely over Internet connection

Ability to Integrate

Full integration with existing or new external paging systems, Hotel System, CRM.

Flexible route, dial plan

Connect to Landline operator, Voip provider, GSM Gateway 

Call distribution, IVR, Voicemail

Customized inbound call routing for fast and efficient call processing. built-in IVR, Voicemail 

Extensive call reporting

View report, CDR instantly via web browser.

How it work?  

IP Telephony consist of SIP Phones and IP PBX which is a core phone switching controller, it cover all traditional telephone features and can reap much more benefits of VoIP protocol, it transmit voice, multimedia over ip network thus it's really flexible for system installation "On-premise or Cloud".

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A Standard Office Implementation

A typical office telephone system for daily conversation, desk-to-desk within company or mobile staffs using smartphone, laptop over internet remotely-- reduce cost, always connect within company phone system. 

Only assigned person, can receive incoming calls or allowed to make national outgoing call via Landline operator or VoIP gateway for international route. 

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A Multi-Site Office Implementation

Simplified VoIP communication management of converged voice and data for multi-branch operations with varied telephony interfaces and infrastructure. 

Free VoIP phone calls between branches

Painless transition from legacy PBX to VoIP

Remote Web-based access to all sites for configuration and maintenance

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High Availability Implementation

IP-PBX fail-over, provides full redundancy for a complete PBX system, design for a heavy-duty telephony.

A sophisticated automatic replication and detection mechanism detects server failure and switches all telephony to the backup server, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum

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CloudPbx | CloudPhone

You can set your own phone service applications or policies. simple to use and it's easy to start and scale.

Less upfront cost, small of soho business can afford and own call center system. 

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